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With over 30 years of Audio Video Experience Operating since 1979 , Edcom is Canada’s most trusted AV Integrator! We offer the most complete and trusted AV Solutions in the market.

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Edcom believes that human imagination and creativity can be expanded by the use of audiovisual solutions.

Organizations and end-users experience new and innovate ways to communicate and collaborate in the boardroom and classroom. Interactive solutions provide a platform for unique inspiration, as users go from behind a computer screen to in front of an audience. Audio allows us to feel the emotion from an artist’s music, or the thoughtful ideas of a speaker. The powerful senses of sight and sound become heightened and more aware.

Our AV solutions unify people and ideas all over the world. Learners experience a deeper level of education, with direct access to research and imagery. While organizations use the power of remote collaboration to develop better strategies with less time and resources. The world is being immersed with visual displays and creative advertising networked together sharing a message.

Edcom offers solutions that bring creative ideas to life and action. We offer solutions that suit any application, for sectors including education, corporate, entertainment, military, government, healthcare, hospitality and religion. If you’re thinking about implementing AV, and share in our unique vision, give us a call. We have the service and support that you can rely on.
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